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That means I will be there every day from the kickoff event Wednesday night through the main event and playing cash games whenever I’m not in a tournament. I hate losing other people’s ,money so much more than losing my own that I’m considering a few different approaches to future tournament play.I will have to skip the Senior’s event for a few more years, but the green chip bounty at Turtle Lake should be a ton of fun and the main event features a 0 30 buy-in which is remarkably low rake for a tournament of this size. I may find a full time backer or sell investment packages for an entire year like an investment fund. It would certainly still be possible to lose money, but there would be a much more consistent return and much lower chance of a total loss. I have finalized my WSo P Investment package and set up my schedule for the summer. I’m playing very well right now and hope to make you a giant pile of cash this year!One of the guys I played with quite a bit on day 5, Paul Senat, killed a man with an AK47 in a club in April.It appears the death was accidental, but whatever the club is, I don’t want to be hanging around if there are loaded Kalishnakovs on a shelf in the back room.

This year people were getting ,000 to wear an 888 patch on day 6.

In the last two weeks they have increased at least ten fold because the other Chris Wallace (no not Biggie) will be moderating the final presidential debate. Allow me take you on a guided tour of some of my favorite moments so far.

There are two great tournaments happening this week in our area. For Investors Total Cashes for the Investment Package – ,352.

Throughout the main event run she brought me everything I needed, made sure I got good meals and as much sleep as possible and was super supportive.

I’m lucky to have her around and living just a few blocks from the Rio. I played with him quite a bit and he is charming and funny and would make a great ambassador for the game if he ships this thing.

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